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Nuclear Mindz Design

Nuclear Mindz Design (NMD) is a small graphic design house located in an old garage just west of the Milwaukee Wi. area..Nuclear Mindz Design is based on edgy/against the grain graphics, and, oddly wild packaging.


NMD has collaborated with industry leading customizers such as CS customs, Kool 51 Designs and several talented Indonesian artists. Most recently, Nuclear Mindz Design has been graphic lead for California based House of Cars. Through the House of Cars, NMD has collaborated closely with leading die cast brands such as Auto World, Johnny Lightning, Maisto, and, has also worked with Mattel members on several custom projects.....Nuclear Mindz Design’s motto is “change the game at all costs”...even through blowback and failure!


Although Nuclear Mindz actually stands for several creative minds with several explosive artistic techniques...just two individuals are actually crazy enough to run the whole show!! Lee Allen & Angela Catteruccia. -Always initiate change!

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