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Matt Gabe

Matt started his journey with the Hot Wheels packaging team in 2009 working on various sub-segments of the Hot Wheels brand including Custom Motors, Color Shifters, Hot Wheels® RC, Monster Jam, HW VideoRacer, and the Hot Wheels® Test Facility Rocket Car (which won a Graphic Design USA Magazine Packaging Award). Matt eventually moved onto the Tracks & Playsets team where he would go on to design many packages for CITY, RACE, and ACTION segments including WallTracks.


In 2013, Matt left Mattel and spent time at Fisher Price and OXO in NYC, followed by a few years at Hasbro in Rhode Island working as a lead package designer for Marvel toys. Longing for the California sun, he moved back to Los Angeles in 2018 and quickly rejoined the Hot Wheels® packaging team working on all HW Basics and Themed diecast packaging. Working with the diecast team has been an extremely fun and rewarding experience for Matt. In his short tenure on the diecast business, his favorite assortments have been the Walmart Premium Stars & Stripes, the Día de los Muertos Halloween set, Themed Automotive Mud Runners, the Japanese Themed-Multi-Pack, and the San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Deadpool Scooter.


When not clicking away on his mouse at work, Matt enjoys all things automotive. He owns four cars, a scooter, and a motorcycle and enjoys taking all of them to the various Cars & Coffees that southern California has to offer. Matt also loves to travel and thoroughly enjoys getting to meet Hot Wheels® fans all around the world.

Hot Wheels Diecast Lead Package Designer

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