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Convention Ticket with a Car

Convention Ticket with a Car

  • 1. Hotel room discount

    2. Registration goodie bag and official Convention badge/ticket

    3. Opportunity to purchase add-on events like a VIP Dinner and vending sessions

    4. Autograph sessions with special guests

    5. Attendance to the Seminars for collectors 6. Charity live auction

    7. Participation in the Downhill and Sizzlers races for fun and trophies

    8. Participation in the Custom car show and contest

    9. Participation in the coloring contest (adults and children)

    10. Opportunity to purchase an exclusive code 3 show car Thursday and Friday (a different car each day)

    11. Early entry to Saturday's Toy Show

    12. Meeting and making friends with collectors from all around the world. Great family fun

    13. Participating in room to room throughout the host hotel This ticket is good for the entire week. Wearing your badge lets the Hotel staff and Security know you are part of the event.

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